The different series of Tecnosistemi's products have been designed and built with attention to detail.

The aim is to offer a product not only handsome but also highly aesthetically compelling.

A guarantee of quality and reliability Tecnosistemi products are manufactured in compliance with the requirements for the CE mark . We believe that product and service are the best advertising and contribute to the strengthening of our image in the market sector.

Your Ideas....... our projects

To the many problems that the customer submits us , we respond by offering many solutions , all perfectly valid and impeccable quality.

  • To obtain these results , the partnership with the customer must be narrow and highly collaborative . In this sense , the availability and participation are essential values ​​of the company philosophy Tecnosistemi.
  • Only then the final result fits in perfectly with the wishes and needs of our customers . The design department of Tecnosistemi designs hardware and software innovative and technologically advanced , taking into account the value for money .
  • The service includes the complete management of electronic design , ie research and propose solutions in accordance with the specific operating and production optimization , or simple professional consultancy to identify the technology and / or components best suited to the application.
  • Tecnosistemi follow the efforts of customers in pursuing their goals , and helps with products designed and manufactured in compliance with the European New Approach Directives and comply with CE standards .